Saturday, May 28, 2016

Facilities | Garden and Outdoor Areas

==Outdoor Area=============
V.A.R create some interesting space for guests - no matter you are garden lover, or just try to enjoy your holiday in your own private zone... we believe you will find some place here....

(Very good phone & Wi-Fi Coverage)
Large outdoor setting for guests who enjoy sunshine & garden
(This area will be nice & cool after 3pm)
Gazebo with outdoor seating
bring some romantic experience to guests!!
(Tips: Have a walk at night.....)
The porch -
Our guests' favourite area to spend rest of their holiday here
(This area will be nice & cool after 11am)
The veranda at front entrance, outside the lounge,
The best place for guests who enjoy having 
outdoor breakfast 
When you come back next year, 
you may surprised how difference of the garden!!


------Hope to hear from you soon!!-----

Victoria At Redcliffe