Sunday, May 29, 2016

Facilities | Indoor Areas

===Indoor Area=======
Here are some highlights of our indoor areas for guests:
◆◆Spacious Guest Lounge◆◆◆◆◆

A good place for....
Our guests meeting each other to share their stories. 
Enjoy a nice afternoon with a cup of coffee/tea, 
or Simply find a peaceful corner to update your travel diary!!

Indoor Fireplace to keep you warm in winter
◆◆Kitchen, Dining area & working bench ◆◆◆◆
'Bright, spacious, sunny for a fresh start to your day'
Hearty gourmet breakfast served 07:30am-08:30am,7 days a week
Tea & coffee facilities
near kitchen bench
Garden-view Dining area 
include Dining Table and Workbench
with Microwave and fridge for guests 
Living in the Digital Era,
we specially designed Workbench area
with totally 4 USB chargers
for business & internet users

------Hope to hear from you soon!!-----

Victoria At Redcliffe